Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massages are a great way to begin the process of relieving stress and any muscle ache you may be experiencing. Because muscle tension can restrict circulation, massages aid in increasing circulation throughout the body which creates the sensation we all recognize as “relaxation”. I incorporate the use of reflexology, aromatherapy and warm towels to perform each session.                                              

Swedish Massage    

During a Swedish Massage, you will experience different strokes to help improve circulation in your body. This style of massage is best for relieving minor aches, pains, and stress in the body. It is known to enhance the state of your mental health, physical appearance and flexibility.

Deep Tissue Massage   

This type of massage helps to relieve tension and pain that stems from the deep tissues of the body. Due to the intense nature of this technique, it is important you communicate with me to let me know how the pressure I’m putting on your body feels for you.

Oncology Massage  

Oncology Massages are specific for current cancer patients as well as cancer survivors. Therefore, specific precautions are applied that I learned through specialized massage trainings. The treatment safely aims for the relief of symptoms such as pain, nausea and fatigue. It also helps lower anxiety and depression, improving the overall amount of the rest that your body is able to receive as you sleep.

Late Policy: If you show up late to an appointment, you will receive your service until the time you are booked. The missed time will not be added to the end of your service.


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