Pain Relief Therapy

This type of therapy incorporates a branch of the Diamond Method widely recognized as Active Myofascial Therapy, (AMT). I integrate pressure through the hands or elbows with the intention of releasing physical discomfort from the body in areas such as your neck, lower & upper back, shoulders, hips and legs.

According to a report from the American Massage Therapy Association, an estimated 76.5 million Americans stated that they experience body pain in different parts of their bodies that persists for more than 24 hours in duration.

Signing up for a Pain Relief Therapy session will help improve your range of movement and your joint flexibility. Within just 6 visits, this style of therapy will allow your body feel more mobile than it ever has in the past. AMT is the most effective therapy you can receive to alleviate physical pain.

Whether you are someone who has experienced Chronic Body Pain for years, such as myself, and have been trying to prevent or postpone surgery or are recovering from a recent injury, I can help! My ultimate goal is to rid you of your pain as quickly as possible and help you feel better so you can get back to doing what you love.

Pain Relief Therapy (AMT) 
This mini session of Active Myofascial Therapy (AMT) is an opportunity to tryout this aspect of The Diamond Method before you sign up for a Targeted or Extended session. I will work to enhance your range of motion and joint flexibility in only one particular body part of your choosing.
Targeted Session   

This session is for individuals who are seeking pain relief in one area and are maybe short on time but still want me to work on that particular body part for the entire duration of the session.      

Extended Session   

This session is for those who may have acute or chronic pain and need a strong focus in two to three areas. It typically lasts anywhere between 60-70 minutes.

Late Policy: If you show up late to an appointment, you will receive your service until the time you are booked. The missed time will not be added to the end of your service.


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