Josefina Urena

LMT, CAMT Pain Relief Specialist
As someone who has experienced Chronic Pain throughout my life, I understand how hard it can be to complete basic daily tasks. Like not being able to bend with ease, comb your hair, or comfortably reach for an object located above eye level because you have limited movement in a particular joint in your body.  
Having had these shared experiences with my clients makes me a knowledgeable, understanding and careful provider that yearns to help those who may be familiar with similar issues.
If you are currently experiencing muscle aches or pains resulting from a car accident, work related injury, repetitive stress syndrome, herniated disk, or any other chronic injury, you need to see a pain relief specialist. If you think that I can be the right person to help you alleviate and possibly eliminate your pain, give me a call or email me. We can talk about what you need and how I can support you in your healing process!
With Care,
Josefina Urena, LMT, CAMT Pain Relief Specialist


(978) 590-7292