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Pain relief Therapy

Are you looking to relieve or possibly END your ever-present lower back, neck, shoulders, hip or sciatica pain? Click below to learn more about this type of therapy and the benefits it will have on your body. 

Therapeutic massage

Are you constantly stressed? We all know this can lead to major health problems in the long run. An hour of Therapeutic Massage can alleviate much of that stress as it is connected to your body and can dictate how you feel on a daily basis. Click below to learn more about the different types of Therapeutic Massages I offer.

Josefina Urena

LMT, CAMT Pain Relief Specialist

I offer non-surgical hands-on therapy with the goal of alleviating or possibly eliminating your body pain in 6 sessions OR LESS! 

I operate as a Precise Private Practice, which means I will only accept you as a client, if in fact I know I can help you reach your precise clinical goals.

Call me now so we can chat about your needs, your symptoms and we will decide if and how I might be able to help you.


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with ACTIVE MYOFASCIAL THERAPY Programs


Available during the weekend and offer late afternoon appointments!


Offices are open in Lawrence and North Andover Massachusetts.


There is something to be said for finding a massage therapist who takes a personal interest in making sure her clients leave feeling better and in less pain than when they came in. Since beginning her career, Josefina has gone full force in taking many in-services and certificate programs to better serve her clients and it shows! I've known Josefina for many years. This is helpful in some ways because she knows the issues I deal with with back pain and migraines and what causes them. To some knowing your massage therapist could be an uncomfortable thing but Josefina handles herself very professionally. Yesterday I left her house after suffering from extreme back pain for 4 days feeling significantly better and today I am able to go back to working out again! Through her continued training she was able to try a new technique to help alleviate my pain and it worked! I highly recommend Josie to anyone looking for a massage therapist!
Erin M. Curry
I will simply say it like this. Not only can Josie give the most an amazing massages. She gives you her heart. Her true desire to alleviate pain and tension for her clients is felt by the way she uses her unique Pain Relieving Techniques without any time constraints. I love Josie❤
Eunice Mohika
I recently had a massage from Josie and she did amazing! I left feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated. I would recommend her to anyone 🙂
Brittany Scarelli


(978) 590-7292